Restorative Coaching

Restorative Coaching

Helping you to become the person who you want to be, through accomplishing personal goals.

I am Wynand Smit Life Coach & Career Coach In Pretoria East

Life Coaching

I am here to help you, to achieve the results that you desire. As a Life  Coach I am qualified to train you, so that you can accomplish your personal goal.

Carreer Coaching

As a person who have experience in in the sales world. I can help your team, to become a winning team. That will meet your monthly goals, that you as a team would like to achieve.

My Services

Goal Setting

No matter what kind of Goals you have, I am qualified to help you. To accomplish your desired goal.

Relationship Coaching

I can help you to build powerful, relationships with people. This can be accomplishments, such as confidence, relationships, and dating.


Your personal health is important to us. We can help you, to become spiritual, emotional and physcialy healthy.


As someone who studied a Bachelors Degree in Theology. I can help you to hear the voice of God and to build relationship with Jesus.


Wealth and Financial Freedom is important to us. We can help you to start a business, or increase your sales.

A Balanced Life

In life time can be very consuming, with our tools we can help you to have a balanced life.

About the Coach

I am Wynand Smit and my whole life I have struggled with being overweight. I battled with clinical depression, and unhealthy addictions. Such as comfort eating, and unhealthy habits in general like: Eating two large pizzas at once and drinking a 2l coke a day. Buying Nando’s  I used eat a whole chicken and a large chips. When I ate steers,  instead of only buying  one ice cream, I bought two.  These unhealthy habits contributed towards my depression, emotional state and it affected my well being.

I struggled with accountability regarding my health and I found myself making excuses daily, as to why I could never change. It was until I started comparing myself to fit people on Instagram, that my lifestyle started changing. 

After graduating high school, my problem with weight became worse, to such an extent where I weighed 160kg.  In 2017 I made the radical decision to change my lifestyle, to change my eating habits but also to look after my physical health. Twelve months later I lost 50kg, and today I am still maintaining it.

As I pursued the goal to lose weight,  the Lord placed the idea on my heart to become a Weight loss Life Coach. To help people through the experience I went through with what I had gained, and to teach them from my journey as someone who struggled with being over weight. My goal is not to get you into the gym, but to assist you in changing your mindset to lose and maintain weight.

Help me to help you.

I am seeing Wynand Smit from Restorative Coaching since January 2020.
I had a tumor /stroke lost my work due to my health.
Have to deal with a lot.

On that stage I decided to see a Life Coach.
He help me by teaching me anything is possible no matter what.
Just believe in yourself and God
He motivate
Inspire me
He lost 50 kg himself

With his help and the motivation path we walking together I start a new job in April.
My next focus is my health, and to lose some weight.

I can recommend him as a caring dedicated person that have a persons best interest at heart.

Thanks Wynand

Christa Roux

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