About Me

I am Wynand Smit, I am born in 1993-10-21. I went to Hoerskool Garsfontein and graduated matric there. After High School, I studied character and development at Metamorpho in 2013. After Metamorpho I started studying Theology in 2014 and graduated my bachelor’s degree in 2017.

During my seminary years, I battled with obesity and depression and unhealthy habits. I had low self-esteem and did not believe in myself.
After graduating seminary I got accepted to study Theology in Redding California. At a church called Bethel. The two-year program is called Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Where I learned about leadership and how to influence people.

On a personal side, as I struggled with obesity the Lord started to convicting me about my health. I have realized that if I want to make a difference in the world. I need to change my habits and I need to lose weight.

While being in America for two years, I took the risk to start eating healthy and to do long-distance running. In two years I lost over 50 kilograms.
My results and achievement were so incredible, that magazine called Fit Faith. Asked me to write monthly articles to them. To help other people to achieve the same results.

In 2019 I moved back to South Africa and started studying Life Coaching to help people to accomplish impossible goals. One of the visions that Restorative Coaching has, is to help people to lose weight and to improve their health. With healthy eating habits, and exercising.
When I am not in the office, he is on the road biking or he is either in the gym. My hobbies are brewing coffee, watching series or a movie. Once a year I will hunt with my family, and Sundays you will find me in the church.

Restorative Coaching is founded in 2019. When Wynand started having a compassion to help people achieving impossible goals and results
Restorative is defined as the following: Having the ability to restore health, strength, or well-being.

The vision and goal of Restorative Coaching is to leave every client with inner peace, and with the confidence to achieve and accomplish any desired goal in 10 weeks.
Our office is in Pretoria, Broad Walk Office Park Block 13.

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