Our Packages and Pricing

Packages and Pricing

Packages and Pricing

One On One Coaching


✔︎First Free Session

✔︎60 Min of Coaching



✔︎Unlimited Support

✔︎Free Coffee or Tea

✔︎Personality Test

✔︎Strength Finder Test

Business or Team Coaching


✔︎60-90min Coaching

✔︎Manual Per Attendee


✔︎Coffee and Tea


How will Life Coaching help you?

One of the amazing things about Life Coaching is about the fact, that we have the ability to find out what is blocking you from reaching your potential. As a Life Coach I will be by your side for ten-weeks, to help yo to reach your desired goal. To find out in what we can Life Coach you, please visit our services page. One of our trending services is WeightLoss.

One one of the features that is offered as a Life Coach during the ten-week program, is accountability. Accountability is one of the keys to success that you will experience during the ten-weeks of our journey together.

Team or Business Coaching

Our Team or Business Coaching package is one of the most transformationtional experiences. That your business will ever have, this package is perfect for sales agents or sale reps. Your sale reps is also more than welcome to book a personal session, if they would like to. This experience will help them in depth for ten-weeks, so that they can reach their personal monthly target.